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History of Salem & Co

In 2017 Salem & Co was established by Salem Taylor (age 8). The goal of Salem and Co was to support people all around the word ranging from the people buying my products to the people we helped in Africa. Salem & Co was able to raise the money for two wells in Africa during the beginning years of the company. The first well was $3,500 and was a spring water well in a Tanzanian village. The second well was $10,000 and was a drilled well that was built at a school in Kenya. With the support of everyone around me and everyone who helped along the journey, my company was able to help the lives of hundreds of families in Africa who lack the basic necessity of clean water. We were also able to provide them with an education in water hygiene and how to use this new resource well. With the support of all of those around me, whether it was funding, sharing, or just encouragement we were able to raise more than $13,500 and save the lives and provide a better future for several families!

My Mission

Here at Salem & Co my mission is to support everyone and provide a better future for those in need. I want everyone who is involved with Salem & Co to feel empowered to love everyone around them no matter the circumstance, and to know that every order and every little bit of support can lead to someone’s life changing before their eyes. It isn’t always just the money that changes people lives; in my experiences it is the relationships that are made through the experiences and the lessons you learn. Our goal is to build relationships with everyone we meet and to spread love and joy to all.

Salem & Co is now starting a new fundraising program. I’m working with an organization called Sozo Children to sponsor children from Africa. At Salem & Co we believe that building relationships with people is stronger than just giving money; that is why a portion of each sale will be going toward sponsoring children to support them and their families with the children’s food, education, medical care, and any other needs that they may have. Help us support these children and support their future!

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